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We recommend that each person browsing thru CASP System websites:,,,,,,,, does familiarize her/himself with the Policy of privacy protection below, before any personal data is submitted or any digital forms are filled out on any of the above mentioned websites.


1. General rules
  1. CASP System Sp z o.o., with headquarters in Jaworzno, Puszkina 2 street, registered at the Company Registry, ran by Regional Court Katowice-East, VIIth Department of Economic National Court Registry – under the number KRS 0000218980, with seed capital of 50 000 PLN, paid in full, VAT number 632-18-73-261, REGON number 27830730, upholds the privacy rules for natural persons and appropriately protects their contact details.
  2. Policy of privacy protection is in effect for all information gathered or used by CASP System Sp. z o.o. including internet services under the addresses:,,,,,,,, each of them being called Internet service of CASP System Sp z o.o. from now on.
  3. This Policy of privacy protection does not include websites and services of third party, to which access can be gained thru links on Internet Services of CASP System Sp. z o.o.
  4. Submission of personal data during browsing of Internet Service of CASP System Sp. z o.o. means that permission was given for processing of personal data as specified in this Policy of privacy protection.
    Customer, in interpretation of this Policy, is natural person visiting the websites of Internet Servie of CASP System Sp. z o.o.
 2. Gathering and usage of data
  1. The basis for processing the personal data is the permission of the Customer him/herself, as well as statutory allowance to process data required for sales transaction as well as receiving newsletter in form of a newsletter.
  2. Personal data of the customers is processed and protected in accordance with Statute of personal data protection dated 29th of August 1997. CASP System Sp z o.o. does not transfer, sell or otherwise pass on the gathered information about customers to other persons or institutions with exception of when needed to fulfil the duties resulting from law regulations or with permission from the person the data concerns.
    CASP System Sp. z o.o. can entrust the personal data to other parties for processing, on terms specified in current law regulations. CASP System Sp z o.o. gathers the personal data by means of registration forms located on Internet Services of CASP System Sp. z o.o., thru direct contact with the customer and when the customer sends fax or email messages to CASP System Sp. z o.o. containing the personal information of that customer.
  3. Customer that registers on Internet services of CASP System Sp z o.o. submits a login and password in the registration form. In further configuration of the account, it is required that the customer fills out the data needed for invoicing purposes. While agreeing to receiving newsletter, thru registration form, the customer submits company name, own name and surname, company address/ home address, email address, contact phone number.
  4. Customer that decides to place himself on the list of subscribers for the newsletter of CASP System Sp z o.o. agrees to receive marketing materials thru email in accordance with article 8 paragraph 1 of Regulation from 18th of July 2002 regarding the providing of services thru electronic means (Dz.U. no 144 pos. 1204 from 2002) in form of a newsletter.
  5. Customer has the right to cancel the newsletter subscription at any time by clicking the correct field on the main website of the internet service, regarding not agreeing to be placed on the list for free newsletter (“delete” field).
  6. Data submitted by the customer during registration can be used during services done by CASP System Sp z o.o. only for login purposes for customer to the Internet Services of CASP System Sp z o.o., for completion of orders made by the customer. In specific cases the contact details of the customer can be made available to other parties such as shipping companies, payment operators or insurance companies, for means of order completion, those third parties are required to keep this data secure.
  7. Personal data of the customer may be made available to authorized government agencies.
  8. The customer has the right to access the personal data submitted to CASP System Sp z o.o., correct it or add to it as well as disagree for the data to be used. The change cannot be done to data used for sale transactions as those are part of the accounting documents, or those that are gathered automatically.
 3. Usage of cookie files
  1. Internet Services of CASP System Sp z o.o. use cookie files saved on Your computer by the internet browser to gather the information.
  2. Cookie files allow for comfortable and safe usage of the internet services, since they enable the automated identification of Your computer, adjustment of websites to Your personal preferences, save passwords so that it does not have to be entered again everytime You visit Internet Services of CASP System System Sp z o.o.
  3. Cookie files do not contain any viruses and do not allow for identification of users personality.
  4. Internet services of CASP System Sp z o.o. are using the cookie files and allow for use of those files to third parties: Google AdWords, Google Analytics.
  5. Cookie files may be used for remarketing. It is a graphical or text commercial based on previously saved preferences of the customer, displayed on other websites to persons viewing the particular website previously – tools of third parties such as Google Adwords.
  6. Cookie support can be turned off at any time in options of internet browser, however that can cause inability to use Internet Services of CASP System Sp z o.o.


Casp System Dofinansowanie
Introduction of B2B class system that automates business processes taking place between CASP system and its business Partners. The project is co-financed by European Union with funds of European Regional Development Fund.
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