DaVis – The Complete Software for Intelligent Imaging Applications


DaVis is the complete software for intelligent (laser) imaging applications for non-reactive and reactive flow fields, material surface imaging and tracking and (ultra) high speed imaging.
The software integration of the selected imaging system is achieved with flexible acquisition modes, customized DaVis software interfaces and application specific imaging packages.

DaVis features user selectable acquisition sequences with precise synchronization on ns-time scale of camera exposure, illumination and external event trigger. A huge range of imaging devices are under DaVis control.
The open nature of DaVis in combination with its macro programming language (CL-language) allows a fast adaptation of the imaging system to different measurement tasks ranging from sophisticated research to reliable industrial applications.
Flexible image acquisition modes, advanced image processing algorithms, intelligent storage and presentation of multi-dimensional image data as well as the software controlled operation of all implemented hardware are the key features of DaVis.

DaVis runs under Windows 7 (64 bit) and offers the familiar Windows interactive user interface.  The online help in PDF manuals can be viewed with the preferred browser. LaVision’s in-house software engineers continuously design new algorithms for processing and displaying acquired data and including new camera types, lasers and other hardware devices.




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