LaVision’s FlameMaster system family is designed to help the scientific and engineering community to find new concepts for the realization of more efficient and cleaner combustion devices.

These modular laser imaging systems for quantitative combustion visualization are based on the following

investigation of combustion phenomena in flames, burners, jet engines, furnaces propulsion systems, chemical reactors, shock tubes … for further information see Applications for Combustion


  • fuel LIF imaging, air-fuel mixing
  • flame front visualization
  • flame radical distributions (OH, NO, CH …)
  • flame structure and stability
  • flame and soot temperature
  • soot concentration and size of primary soot particles

System Features

  • integrated turnkey laser imaging systems based on application matched best selection of laser and camera
  • complete hardware control using DaVis software
  • accurate hardware and signal calibration
  • flexible beam delivery and sheet forming optics
  • laser sheet correction incl. local laser beam absorption compensation
  • most efficient LIF excitation technique for each application and flame radical
  • spectroscopic data base and background literature
  • combination of techniques, multi-parameter laser imaging


  • endoscopes for keyhole imaging
  • high speed LIF systems
  • soot imaging with in-situ calibration
  • fast shutter and high speed imaging pyrometers
  • volume scanning for 3D information
  • tunable Nd:YAG laser module for OH-LIF imaging
  • high speed spectral analysis of transient processes
  • imaging stereoscopes
  • calibration burners

Imaging Techniques
LIF, LII, Raman, Rayleigh, Emission Spectroscopy




Focus on Combustion

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