The LaVision FlowMaster system family evaluates three-dimensional velocity vector fields from scattered light patterns of particles or droplets seeded into the flow (liquid or gas). Techniques like Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) are supported. LaVision’s FlowMaster PIV cameras can record two successive images within min. time <100 ns for ultrafast cross-correlation and speeds up to Mach 4. The PIV cameras offer highest sensitivity and allow the use of very small particles (or droplets). An image field of up to 29 million pixels combined with up to 16 bit dynamic range gives an unsurpassed spatial resolution. Programmable precise timing sequences in combination with flexible and speedy software evaluation complete the package.
Standard 2D-PIV (2D2C) measures two velocity components in a plane using a single CCD or sCMOS camera.

Stereo-PIV (2D3C) measures three velocity components in a plane using two cameras.

Time-resolved PIV measures two or three velocity components in a plane at high frame rates up to 16000 fps (frames per second) with full camera resolution.

Tomographic PIV (Tomo-PIV) measures three velocity components in a volume (3D3C) using two or more cameras.

Micro-PIV measures two or three velocity components of particle seeded flows with micron scale spatial resolution.


liquid and gas flow investigations in wind tunels, water channels, in-cylinder engines industrial flow systems, compressors, turbines, fans, pumps, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)


  • velocity fields (strain, vorticity etc.)
  • flow visualization

System Features 

  • self-calibration for 3D stereoscopic PIV eliminates calibration errors
  • beam delivery. articulated arms, compact sheet optics
  • particle seeder
  • general purpose synchronization device
  • online data storage, real-time data recording for many hours
  • data analysis on CPU and GPU
  • distributed computing on network PCs


  • underwater PIV setup for towing tanks with smart optical access
  • in-cylinder flow analysis with laser and camera endoscopes


Available version:

2D / 3D PIV

High speed time resolved PIV

Micro PIV

Dual Plane PIV


Tomographic PIV

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