FluidMaster is a complete laser imaging system family for the quantitative visualization of thermal flows and mixing processes in fluids. Instantaneous concentration and temperature fields are measured with high spatial and temporal resolution.


  • investigation of fluid mixing, thermal flows and flow structures, flow visualization in wind tunnels and turbomachinery applications, air
  • film cooling, hydrodynamics … for further information seeApplications in Fluid Mechanics


  • quantitative visualisation of concentration and temperature fields in fluids
  • pH-imaging and degree of reactive mixing in liquids
  • gas density measurements in thermal flows

System Features

  • integrated turnkey laser imaging systems based on application matched best selection of laser and camera
  • complete hardware control using DaVis software
  • accurate hardware and signal calibration
  • most effective LIF excitation techniques
  • Rayleigh thermometry package for thermal gas flows
    oxygen (O2)-LIF imaging module


  • 3D-imaging setups
  • time resolved imaging, digital film recording
  • Imaging Techniques
  • LIF, Raman, Rayleigh



Focus on Fluid Dynamics


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