Wing tunnels and aerodynamic balance


Vertical Wind Tunnel – Free Fall Simulator (VWT-FFS)  
WTtech.CZ offers VWT-FFS closed circuit Wind Tunnels for Free Fall simulation (Skydiving) for all-year utilization. All offered models are of the closed circuit type, powered by high efficiency axial fans mounted in vertical position.

VWT-FFS-4372 technical parameters (as an example):
• Dimensions of pad: 30m x 10m
• Overall height: 30m (22,5m above ground)
• Nominal fan parameters: four fans, each 3.15m dia, AC motor 315kW
• Total power requested for driving: 1260kW
• Total power requested for complete facility: 1450 kW
Using modern design CAD/CAM/CAE tools the efficiency of the facility was maximized, investment and operation cost were minimized.

The main advantages compared to our competitors:
• higher efficiency by optimization of all tunnel parts and a sophisticated cooling system
• static pressure in “flying chamber” is close to ambient pressure and therefore lower loading of structure and windows
• lower height of complete facility
• can be operated in residential areas thanks to extremely low noise level


Low-Speed Wind Tunnels (LSWT) 
Wttech company offers design, manufacturing and delivery of Low-Speed Wind Tunnels (LSWT) for education, research or industrial testing purposes. WTtech.CZ´s LSWTs are designed with close or open circuit configuration based on the latest know-how and technology, using the modern CAD/CAE/CAM tools.

Turbulence level below 0,1 % with velocities between 50 and 100 m/s for closed circuit wind tunnels.

Turbulence level below 0,25 % with velocities between 35 and 50 m/s for open circuit wind tunnels.


High-speed Wind Tunnels (HSWT) 
High-speed Wind Tunnels are designed and built by WTtech.CZ for advanced teaching and research and development in aero- and thermodynamics.

Supersonic Variable Mach Number Wind Tunnels with velocities within range of 1,3 and 4 ,0 Mach and pressue up to 40 bar.

Trisonic Variable Mach Number Wind Tunnels with velocties between 0,3 and 4,0 Mach.

Transonic Wind Tunnels with velocities between 0,2 and 1,3 Mach.


BLWT – Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels 
Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels – tunnels with simulated Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL). The simulated boundary layer is developed in the
„development part“ and this ABL is coming into test section with required parameters of velocity and
turbulence distribution along height. This is a main difference to the standard LSWT used for testing of cars and aircraft.


Multi-component aerodynamic balances 
Multicomponent aerodynamic balance is a basic measurement instrument in a Wind Tunnel laboratory. Balances transfer a general vector of aerodynamics forces and moments to the independent signals.
There is a lot of concepts of aerodynamics balances, our offer includes design and delivery of most of them.


External Balances 
The use of external aerodynamic balances are only convient in Low-Speed wind tunnels. We can offer six-component platform balances. The external six-component balance is mounted into a turntable in which the angle of yaw as well as the angle of attack can be changed.


Internal Balances 
Multicomponent Internal (sting) balances are used mainly in high-speed wind tunnels.
We have the possibility to offer the following types of balances:
• six-component
• five-component
• four-component
• three-component


Balances with free or forced oscillation
Force-oscillation balances consist of a five-component strain-gauge balance and a mechanism which allows oscillation motion of a model. Aerodynamics derivatives are calculated from a balance signal and motion parameters.


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