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The EVO positioning tables series includes several configurations depending on the weight and dimensions of the tested elements, as well as the number of axes with unlimited rotational movement. Advanced NGine controllers by iXBlue provide auto-adaptation for automatic setup and balancing, high accuracy coefficient without drift/wear, and excellent operational stability (patented).

Additionally, the EVO series can be optionally equipped with mechanical cooling, LN2/CO2, or vacuum temperature chambers for calibrating the tested elements.

Functionalities and advantages:

  • Advanced iXBlue NGine controller with auto-adaptation function (automatic balancing and setup).
  • User-friendly ProAxe graphical interface by iXBlue.
  • Models N (standard load for 10-25 kg), M (medium load for 25-40 kg), L (large load up to 50 kg).
  • Real-time operation capabilities (optional).
  • Temperature chamber (optional).
  • Cost-effective and efficient for all testing/research applications.
  • Unmatched features with automatic settings.
  • High accuracy coefficient without drift/wear and excellent stability.
  • Capability to test throughput without damping and phase shift.
  • Possibility to test and research elements such as inertial measurement devices, gyroscopes, and MEMS sensors.




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